It’s Not all About Me

The Blog Triage class continues with the second part of assignment no.1, answer the question: What do I want to get from blogging?

I have always wanted to be a writer. Problem is though, I have little confidence in my way with words. I’d rather be in front of my easel, in my studio or on location painting. It is sort or ironic that I mainly use pastels in my artwork. It is a medium that one  holds in one’s hand, like a pen or pencil. Perhaps there is some subliminal connection between making art and wanting to write! But that could be a topic for another blog. 

pastelsBack to the task at hand. What do I want to get from blogging? I want to be able to connect with those interested in the creative process, the joy that art can bring whether in its creation, by viewing or owning it. I hope that I will be able to engage others in a dialog about art and how it affects our lives; the awareness it evokes, the emotions it calls up. the memories it recalls. For me all these things are present in varying degrees when I paint and I hope my art resonates with the viewer.

I also want to initiate a dialog, so that my blog becomes a sharing platform. It’s not all about me and my art. I want to hear from others when they are facing the same hurdles in creating and selling art. I want to hear how clients are enjoying their purchases and how my art is influencing their lives.


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