Sketchbook Thursday No. 3

To talk of old times with old friends is the greatest thing in the world.
–Will Rogers

sketchbook036Renewing old acquaintances makes me happy. This past week I had the opportunity to reconnect with an artist friend whom I have not seen for almost a year and a half. We had a lot to catch up on. My friend Linda, is an artist in so many ways. She works primarily in color pencil, an amazing medium. She is president of the San Francisco Bay Area Color Pencil Society. She is a Mary Kay consultant and a darn good one. She has the ability to paint a glowing portrait on this otherwise dreary looking canvas of a face I have. And she makes the art of being a good friend look easy and feel sincere. I admit I am the one who has had to postpone our attempts to get together sooner than we finally did.

sketchbook038After a fun afternoon of art talk, and makeovers I dragged out my box of color pencils. Yes, another old friend. These I have kept stuffed away in the back of the studio for over five years. I went out into the garden. The sun was warm, the air had just a hint of coolness to it, the flowers were swaying in the mild breeze. My blank sketchbook page didn’t stand a chance.  The day was glorious in so many ways!


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