Is It Soup, Yet?

The Urban Dictionary reminds us that the slogan “Is it soup, yet” was born out of a marketing campaign by Lipton Co. debunking Campbell’s condensed soups. Ironically, Lipton took the water out of their product and introduced a dry mix. This was better? On national TV in the late sixties, mom would be stirring her Lipton concoction, and kids would come running in asking the ultimate question, “Is it soup, yet?” Is it finished?

It has been said that the hardest thing for an artist to do is start a painting. The second hardest thing is to call it finished. I thought I would start a series of posts and show you my latest work in progress (wip) Cascade, as it progresses day by day. Perhaps you can weigh in on when it’s finished!


Cascade Day One a.m. I selected a photo on the basis of the light and shadow play on the turbulent water. I was mesmerized by how the light played off the falling water and its effect on the pool below. I then played around a bit with the cropping. This time the  20 x 24 gatorboard I had on hand was influencing my decision. So I cropped the photo keeping the same 5:6 ratio.


Once I was happy with where my area of interest was positioned relative to the exterior dimensions. I prepared the gatorboard with a coat of acrylic white gesso. Once that was dry I coated the surface with two applications of Golden Acrylic Ground for Pastel. While that was drying I took out my sketchbook and rendered a value plan for the painting. I worked much larger on the sketch than usual to establish the abstract quality of the composition.

Cascade Day One p.m. Using a 2B graphite pencil I sketched in the main lines of the composition. Then using watercolor I painted the general colors and values. This stage is just an underpainting, to get rid of the “whiteness” of the surface. I am definitely not a watercolorist, but the watercolor wash affords me the opportunity to ultimately use less pastel product on the finished painting. I want to keep some of the underpainting showing and glaze the pastel over the tinted surface. This is always a struggle for me, so hopefully I can pull it off this time. 


No, its definitely not soup yet! Far from it. Next Monday I will take you through Day Two and see where it leads. Stay tuned.


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3 Responses to “Is It Soup, Yet?”

  1. Beth Rommel Says:

    Hi Marianne,
    Lyricalness has a nice lyrical ring to it. If it isn’t a word is should be. You are posing a question that stumps me with every piece, is it finished. I love the start of this waterfall painting and your description of technique. I will be curious to see when it is soup. Thank you.

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