“Is it Soup, Yet?” part 2

Last Monday’s post left off with the watercolor underpainting of Cascade drying on the easel. I invited you to join me as I painted this waterfall and help me answer the question that artists frequently ask themselves, “Should I stop, now? Can I call it finished? Does it need something else?”


Cascade Day Two a.m. The lightest values were in place, the watercolor always dries lighter than intended. So I knew that my next step would be to redefined the darks. Here come the pastels! The day began with laying in the background trees and defining the rock shapes and values.

Things I thought about at this stage:

  • Temperature of the left hand as compared to the right hand rocks needs to remain warm and cool respectively.
  • Emphasize the quality of light that is playing off the cascading water in the sunlight versus the lights in the shadowed areas on the right.
  • There is a lot going on in the flow of water, so develop the water being careful not to detract from the area of interest, the crashing water as it enters the pool.

Shapes were still fairly loose at this stage. But at this point I knew it wasn’t soup yet! I was having too much fun and I had just gotten started.

cascade_day2pmCascade Day Two p.m. After taking a break I worked at keeping the background trees vague but adding some interest with color, making sure the value range was limited here. I thought the pool of water needed a bit more work. The big rock near the middle of the painting was commanding too much attention so I adjusted its value so the contrast between it and the water was not as great. The warm rocks on the left were a bit too bright, and I dulled them down.

At this point. It was time to stop and let it “cook” on the easel. So what do you think? Should I call it finished?  Stir the pot with me and post a comment. Join me next Monday as I ponder some important questions that ultimately bring us full circle to answering “Is it soup, yet?”


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