Sketchbook Thursday No. 5

sketchbook44This week found me rummaging through old sketchbooks looking for some field notes to accompany a photo I had taken two years ago of a scene of Sierra Nevada granite. But instead of finding faces of stone, I was pleasantly sidetracked when I came across an entire sketchbook of people I never met. Faces full of expression.

There was a time when I thought I wanted to pursue painting portraits. So every chance I had, I sketched people. Kids at the library, couples in airports, old men in the park, babies in shopping carts, people at the car wash, women in line at the grocery store.

Flipping through that sketchbook was a bittersweet experience. I had became a very stealthy sketcher and my subjects probably didn’t even know I was even the slightest bit interested in their pose or facial features. But on paper, I had captured their likeness. At least I like to think I caught their smile, their loneliness, their exhaustion, their joy, or complacency. I remember them and where they were. Definitely not faces of stone.

Ironically, I don’t know who they were or if they had a story to tell what it would have been. Suffice it to say they helped me in my pursuit to hone my skills as an artist. To those hundreds of you who caught my eye, I am forever grateful.


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