Dine with Van Gogh

Last week I blogged about spending some time in the Monterey area. One day I signed up for a walking tour of the town of Carmel. There were eight of us from all parts of the U.S. who obviously were interested in the back alleys and inside stories of this charming village.

Our guide, Gale Wrausmann, met us in the interior courtyard of the Pine Inn and led us on a two hour excursion along the streets and back in time as she told the history of the town. She knows her stuff, too. Her photography led her on a journey to become intimately acquainted with the town she has called home since 1995. Early on in its development, Carmel attracted artists of all genres. Writers, screen stars, painters, musicians and poets had studios with north light windows or views of the bay. Undoubtedly the fairytale-like architecture of the homes and storefronts built by Hugh Comstock in the 20’s add to the charm. And homes and businesses designed  by Frank Lloyd Wright, Juila Morgan and Charles Greene are everywhere.

Carmel oozes with art of all kinds. Every street in the downtown area has multiple galleries. The Ed Weston Gallery is the oldest photography studio and gallery in California. Featuring not only his work but also that of Ansel Adams. The Richard MacDonald Gallery showcases the sculpture by the artist of the same name. Your spirits soar in tandem with his magnificent work.

vangogh_tableBut a special treat was a visit to Carmel’s Casanova Restaurant. It is here you can find the table at which Vincent Van Gogh enjoyed his meals at the Auberge Ravoux. You can make a reservation for up to eight to dine at this table, enjoy fabulous food, and imagine starry nights!


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4 Responses to “Dine with Van Gogh”

  1. kelly Says:

    …ohhh…very cool. I need to add Carmel to my “someday destinations.” I’ve heard it was gorgeous. Now I have another reason to go!

  2. Claire M Says:

    Let me know if you’re in the area again and want to go out sketching. I live in San Jose and would love an excuse to come down and ‘play’ with art.

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