Sketchbook Thursday No.9

Last Monday I was ready for a get away after a hectic weekend of hosting a 2 day yard sale. So I packed up my sketchbook and planned a drive on the back roads to see what caught my eye. Before heading out I decided to run an errand in town, As I was walking across Main Street I notice a couple taking pictures. They appeared to be from out of town and charmed by the quaintness the downtown has to offer.

sketchbook069Vicariously, I joined them by sitting down on a street bench and sketching the scene in front of me. The sun was blistering hot, about 100 degrees and my watercolors were drying almost instantly. I managed to get a few quick things down before calling it quits. To immediately escape the heat, I went into the building I was sketching. I have to admit, that I have lived here over 30 years and never set foot into was is now the town historical society and genealogy center.

I quickly learned that the building is on the site of the original jail, an old wooden structure that was “mysteriously” destroyed in 1906. Its replacement was built in 1907, and housed not only the Jail, but the Fire Department along with the Town Meeting Hall. The second story was occupied by the justice of the peace, city clerk and used by city trustees for chamber sessions.

sketchbook070Topping off  the two story structure is a Moorish tower and bell. The later was used to call fire alerts, but today gracefully rings every 15 minutes, and chimes on the hour. The building was retired from its original service in 1977 and now is a picturesque reminder of a time long ago.

As it turns out, I never make it outside the city limits. I had become a visitor in my own town, enjoying a pleasant get away right here at home.


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3 Responses to “Sketchbook Thursday No.9”

  1. Krista Meister Says:

    Marianne, your sketches are wonderful! By the way, there is a blog award over at my blog with your name on it! Please stop by!

    • Marianne Post Says:

      Thanks, Krista! I am in the midst of an eight day pastel workshop. Talk about intensive. 8:30 am til the sun sets! I will take a break midstream this week and check out the gracious blog award.

  2. Claire M Says:

    What a treat to find this entry as I was spending a few minutes wandering on the web before heading out for an appt. Its so fun to find ‘jewels’ like this!!

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