The Crossing
, 24 x 18”
© 2009 Marianne Post

My attraction to water has me still working in a series. The Crossing is from a field sketch and reference photos of Deer Creek Trail in the Gold Lakes region of the Sierra Nevada. Early this spring I attempted to hike to Deer Lake and came across numerous “crossings” like this. After a while the going got a bit too treacherous and I had to abandon the idea of reaching my destination. Disappointed at first, I realized that I now had the time to linger and record my impressions in a sketchbook. This came with the added bonus of enjoying the scene and the experience once again in the studio.


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4 Responses to “Waterscape”

  1. Loriann Signori Says:

    Hi Marianne!
    I have truly enjoyed reading through your blog and will definitely add your site to my blog roll. This way I will check in frequently and others will find you as well. I can see your blog is a treasure trove of information and thoughts. I must say it was a pleasure to paint with you these last days. You are an amazing artist, insightful and kind.
    Till later,
    Hugs, Loriann

  2. Marianne Post Says:

    Loriann, I also had a chance to visit your blog and website. Loved seeing familiar scenes that we shared these past few days. I am in Bend and my internet is dog tired slow. Suppose I should find a snappier connection but I’d rather paint. So I am afraid my blog posts will suffer for the next few days. Stay tuned, however. I should get back to my twice a week posting in another two weeks.

  3. kelly Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. We were lucky the trail became impassable because it slowed you down enough to create this beautiful painting!

    • Marianne Post Says:

      Thanks, Kelly. The Gold Lakes area is drop dead gorgeous any time of year. I was just surprised to see so much runoff and lingering snow so late in the season. Especially after what was a dry winter!

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