The 360° Advantage

fall_river_treesA Twosome, 11 x 14″, soft pastel
© 2009 Marianne Post

When it comes to plein air painting, I don’t know how may times I have heard the mantra “Take your time and explore the possibilities.” I like to think that of all the plein air “skills” one can master this one I am good at. But earlier this month when I went to paint along the Fall River near Sunriver, Oregon I surprised myself. I was caught up with the idea that I was going to paint the river. I scoped out vantage points, did a variety of notan studies and then went to work. So far, so good. In the midst of painting I stepped back and just happened to turn around. You guessed it, I was enamored by what I saw!

A pair of intertwined pine trees screamed, “Paint me.” If you follow my blog you might recognize a quick sketch done on location right then and there. I also made some color notes and took some photos. Pictured is the where I am with it in the studio. I am working on a surface that I love, Ampersand Pastelbord. I really like how it caresses the pastel, and affords me the opportunity to vary my strokes. I began with a watercolor underpainting and like how the watercolor responds to this surface. I feel good about where I am so far with this, and of course, a lesson has been learned, “turn around.”


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