Sketchbook Thursday No.14

sketchbook074This week the pages of my sketchbook probably look to most like a bunch of scribbles. I was sitting at my local car service center waiting for my car to have its oil changed. Thinkng that this was the perfect opportunity to get some figure sketches in I got a pencil in hand pulled out my sketchbook. Thinking that everyone looked pretty well rooted in their postures I thought this woud be a breeze. Wrong. It turned out the shop was busy, lots of comings and goings and no one sat still!

In the midst of my frustration I remembered a technique a fellow artist shared with me a few years ago. Anyone who has taken life drawing classes probably has had the experience of doing quick gesture drawings. Well her technique was a bit different. She called them scribble line gestures. The figure forms are developed from the inside out much like a sculptor would create an armature for his work. This gave you the added advantage of not only capturing line but form. Your pen or pencil is constantly moving. And as your subject moves, so do your scribbles. I sort of got on a roll and I won’t bore you with the hundreds I did over the past few days. (Not to worry, I got out of the service center in respectable time. I just continued with my “scribbles” during the course of the week.) My subjects besides the fellow car service patrons became TV stars, my cats and the kids next store.


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