Sketchbook Thursday No.15

sketch15My sketchbook is a depository for all sorts of things. There are of course sketches of everyday matters. But pages are also covered with notes, to do lists, quotes, challenges, solutions, pastel marks, doodles. The list goes on.

I was scanning through my current “Canson Classic” and came across this page. It immediately took me back in time about six weeks. According to the notation, it was July 21st at 5:30pm to be exact. I planned to paint the scene in front of me. The sky was just beginning to get a warm late afternoon glow. The Puget Sound tide was making its journey inland. I had plenty of time and decided to explore some compositional schemes before setting up my easel.

Just as I settled on a format my cell phone went off and a California client was calling about a design problem that needed my immediate attention. So I hastily took a few snapshots, packed up my gear and made a trip back to the cottage to attend to the matter via the internet.

I didn’t make it back to Rawlins Road on that trip but I felt like I had enough material to approach a studio panting. But as many of you know my computer was stolen earlier this month and I lost all the photos from that trip. I am so happy that I had taken the time to not only sketch out format options, but to make color and value notes. This sketchbook page holds the seed for my next painting. I’m headed to the studio with a smile. I have the inspiration, along with a challenge, but lots of options and possibilities excite me.


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2 Responses to “Sketchbook Thursday No.15”

  1. Loriann Signori Says:


    If you need some reference shots let me know. I am not sure if they would help… you seem to have a beautiful seed.

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