A Return Trip

River Rush, day one, wip

River Rush, on location, wip

Less than six weeks ago I was painting along the rivers and roads of Central Oregon. This week I am back in Oregon, this time along the coast. The weather is typical coastal fare, gray in the mornings and sun breaks in the afternoon. I had all intentions of painting along the coast but in search of a store or deli to gather rations for the day I found myself inland a few miles. Serendipity came into play and enroute I found a lovely scene with the sun breaking through the forest and playing off fallen logs. Absolutely breathtaking! So I ceased the moment and “set up shop.” After a morning on location I have a good start. I used a watercolor underpainting which took what seemed like an endless time to dry due to the dampness. I was able to get some pastel down but will resolve this in the studio. In the meantime, I am headed back to the shore. Looks like the sun is breaking through!


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