A Sketchbook Dilemma

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.
— Picasso


I wonder if fellow sketchers face the same dilemma I do. When on a family vacation I always feel like I need to temper my addiction to sketching. Most of the time everyone indulges me with a morning or afternoon of painting on location. But when it comes to opening up my sketchbook at points of interest along the way I sense a look of “not again” on many faces.

So this week on a trip along the Oregon coast my camera was ready to capture the sights. Mind you, a day didn’t go by that my sketchbook wasn’t along for the ride. I can’t seem to leave home without it. I just refrained from opening it up to sketch. I feel like I want to escape for an hour or two and feed my addiction. Am I a sketchbook junkie?


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3 Responses to “A Sketchbook Dilemma”

  1. Beth Says:

    I wish I was as devoted to my sketchbook. My camera is my trusty friend on outings. I like to work away from other people’s eyes. My weird thing, maybe that is another reason I am moving home from my studio. Thank you for the supportive comment on my blog. It has been a quandry, but I really like working in my home studio, just no people here! Catch 22.

  2. Katherine Kean Says:

    Marianne – You may be a sketchbook junkie, and why not? Look at the beauty that comes from it.

    SOmetimes it’s good to travel with other artists.

  3. Loriann Signori Says:

    Enjoy sketchbook junkie…it’s an excellent addiction!

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