Make a Mark


We all love to make a mark. Last week while walking along the Oregon coast I couldn’t help but respond to my desire to make footprints in the clean slate of sand that lay at my feet. Do you know the feeling?

And for some us the making a mark becomes an even bigger obsession. Whether we are visual artists, writers, or dancers there is something inside each and everyone of us that needs to be expressed.

I recently thought about why my sketchbook has become a constant companion over the years. Drawing is such a universal language, it speaks to all of us. Anyone can do it. Some better than others, but like with any endeavor, practice leads to mastery. So I started a list (in my sketchbook, of course) of why I love to sketch:

  • Improve drawing skills
  • Improve observation skills
  • Learn about nature
  • Watch less TV
  • Make use of TV viewing time by sketching actors
  • Appreciate nature
  • Become more sensitive to changes of the seasons
  • Learn about things
  • Helps me remember where I’ve been, what I have seen and experienced
  • Increase my awareness of my surroundings
  • Become a better artist
  • Create a connection with my subject
  • Record an event in a personable way
  • Becomes an investigative tool, learn about how things relate to other things
  • Helps me understand the world I live in
  • Define how I think of and see things
  • Work out an idea for a painting
  • Express beauty of the moment
  • Illustrate a dream
  • Diary of observations, everyday life

Oh, one more, eat less!

What keeps you making your mark?  I would love to hear from you.


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2 Responses to “Make a Mark”

  1. Loriann Signori Says:

    Marianne, I don’t think it is possible to add to that very inclusive list… except maybe obsession to create.

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