Nature at the Easel

This past Tuesday I was flying from Portland, OR back to Sacramento, CA. It was night, the plane was full and I had one of the last available seats on the plane, a window seat.

We were about 30 minutes out from landing and starting our descent. It was night and I hadn’t really bothered to look out the window until then. Though it was dark, the sky was cloudless. A full moon was waning but not by much. It was like a search light in the sky. But what was happening on the ground was what caught my attention. The light from the moon was casting its reflection on the waters of the Sacramento River.

The river was like a stream of kerosene lit by a match. As the plane moved through the sky, the moonlight raced along the waterway, darting into darkness behind tree lines and foothills to magical reappear and continue its course. I had my camera, but it was useless in this instance and ditto for my sketchbook. With my tray table in its upright position all I could do sit back and enjoy an incredible light show. Nature was in charge of capturing the fleeting light this time ’round.


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2 Responses to “Nature at the Easel”

  1. Katherine Kean Says:

    Lucky you to get to witness moments like that! Sounds magical.

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