A Fresh Start

Country ConnectionsCountry Connections
12 x 12″, oil underpainting and soft pastel on Wallis paper
© 2009 Marianne Post

Last week I found myself determined to get my studio in order. I have started to organize, purge, and clean a zillion times, but never seem to reach the finish line. I start, then get distracted or start to paint and find that things seem quite the same as before. So instead of waiting for the new year and resolving to get my studio life in order I bit the bullet, and spent two days dedicated to clearing out and cleaning up.

Besides the obvious reward of new found space, I unearthed supplies I totally forgot I even had acquired along the way. The biggest treasure was a bag of Gamblin oils. While I have been using watercolor at an underpainting in most of my pastel paintings I had purchased the oils to try them as an alternative.

So the reward for cleaning was a fresh start in a clean studio with a new technique to explore. Thinning the paint to a staining consistency with Gamsol, the oils melted into the Wallis sand paper, mingled with each other to lend a mysterious veil of color to the surface. Country Connections was the outcome of this maiden venture, and  I am excited to be on the road to something new! I suppose as an aside, I should resolve to keep the studio in its new found state. Right!


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2 Responses to “A Fresh Start”

  1. Loriann Signori Says:

    Oooooooh, nice Marianne! Do you think that the oils lend a richer, deeper color? I love the leading away feeling..very inviting.

    • Marianne Post Says:

      Loriann, definitely. While the oils still dry lighter than when first applied, not so much as with the watercolor. I also like how the oil paint spider webs into the other colors instead of the wet into wet result with the watercolors.

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