Studio Resolve

From the title, you might be thinking this post is probably about spending more time in the studio. Actually that’s not a bad idea. But what I am really talking about is taking a plein air study back to the studio and resolving it into a finished work. Last Friday my painting buddy and I ventured out to Suisun City. We ended up along the slough that heads out to the delta. Boy was it cold!

Being a fair weather plein air painter I was out of my element. Early that morning the fog was thick but by the time we got to our destination, the sun was winning part of the battle. The air was crisp. No, actually it was downright cold but clear. I needed to get something down in a hurry. After using up a good portion of my painting time scoping out the area I finally decided on a scene to paint. This time I used a black 8 x 10 Ampersand panel. For some reason I find painting on black while on location gives me a jump start.

After about an hour or so my fingers just couldn’t hold onto the pastel sticks. And we packed up shop and headed for lunch at a local cafe. But I liked what I had managed to get done and thought I would explore resolving the painting in the studio.

So using the study and a photo, I have recomposed the piece onto a 12 x 16″ sheet of Wallis paper. I am adjusting the temperature of the light and have started with an oil underpainting. So stay tuned and let’s see where this all goes. For one thing, I have a fire burning in my studio fireplace and a pot of tea is close by. So far so good!


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