Juried Shows

I imagine I am like other artists when it comes to entering juried shows. There is the anticipation of acceptance balanced with the disappointment of rejection. Why do we put ourselves through this? I guess, for me it is the validation of my work by other artists I admire. About a year or so ago I had the opportunity to watch the jurying process unfold on two different occasions. Definitely surprising events.

Juror’s come to the table with different agendas. In many cases the jurors take their lead from the show committee who has outlined for them what they want to show to look like. I remember one juror rejected anything that looked remotely in the style of his own work. He saw those artists as look-a-like wannabes. Another juror placed major emphasis on the title of each painting, saying this was the artist’s chance to “market” their work, state their case, define their concept.

During one jurying session, it became apparant that as the day went on the jurors tired and became either more accepting, or more critical. This was dependent on how many pieces were to be selected to fill the show and what the current accepted count was. There were jurors who were very thoughtful in their selection, verbalizing what they appreciated in the work in front of them but why they felt they had to reject it.

This year I have on my list to enter six shows. I guess just for the angst of it all. I just received acceptance of two paintings, Tomorrow’s Promise and Delta Mist in the Fairfield Visual Arts Association 47th Annual Regional Exhibit. Delta Mist is an award winner, but unfortunately I do not have a digital image to post (another long story). But I can tell you it is pictured in my blog header, the second from the right. Water Dance was juried into the North Valley 26th National Show, awards to still be announced!

Tomorrow’s Promise, ©2009 Marianne Post

Water Dance, ©2009 Marianne Post


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8 Responses to “Juried Shows”

  1. Dianne Poinski Says:

    Congratulations on the acceptances you have already received – I am sure there will be more. Beautiful paintings!

    Your description of your experiences with the jury process was very interesting. Good information to keep in mind as I prepare to apply to a couple of very competitive art festivals. I will keep you posted!

    • Marianne Post Says:

      Dianne: Thanks and good luck with your apps to the art festivals. I had heard from an art festival insider that mentioned the earlier if you send in your images sooner than later you have an advantage. I believe this is because the images are viewed in order of date received. Once the show limit is drawing near decisions become much more critical for whatever reasons.

  2. Katherine Kean Says:


    I appreciate your inforamtion about the process and about the value of entering sooner, rather than later.

    Your work is beautiful. It’s great to see it out there for everyone to enjoy!

  3. Loriann Signori Says:

    Great post Marianne! And congratulations on your recent acceptances!

    You are so right that we need to keep the whole thing (the jury process) in perspective. It’s so funny that, like the obedient dog, we keep hoping for that approval when we know that in reality each one of us is our most critical judge and that is where the real approval should come. Alas, keep learning, right?

    Your work IS beautiful!

    • Marianne Post Says:

      Loriann: I love you obedient dog analogy. It truly is ourselves we need to feed and nourish and not wait for someone to come along and throw a stick for us to fetch or embrace.

  4. Claire Mcfeely Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I’m thrilled to hear about your two paintings. They are beautiful. It is amazing how you have captured the reflection in the water. Thanks for sharing the great new too!!

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