Revisiting a Rocky Start

notan thumbnail (value study)

Torrential rain, hail, thunder and lightening are all good reasons to hunker down in the studio. If you are experiencing California weather or have heard about it, I obviously had some time yesterday to rethink my “Rocky Start” study.

I did a number of value studies and selected the one pictured here. Already I am feeling better. This was a key component missing from my first go round with this subject. As you may recall my original painting had no shapes. It was just a huge mass of midtones, sprinkled and scattered with lights and darks. Now at least I see masses of two lights and two darks. I’m happy!

Pictured is the watercolor underpainting done on mounted Wallis paper. The first thing I checked was how the underpainting related to the value study. So far so good. I also like the composition better. I have addressed the divisions of space. and what makes me the happiest is there are no implied lines that look like ladder rungs climbing up the painting. Recession of space has been recaptured! For all I care, let it pour!


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4 Responses to “Revisiting a Rocky Start”

  1. tag gallery Says:

    Dynamic – very nice underpainting. It already stands on it’s own.

    I’m glad that the weather isn’t geting you down!

    • Marianne Post Says:

      Thanks,Emily. This is sort of looking like the side of the road here instead of the river. Hope you are okay. I have been hearing weather and slide reports from this past summer’s fire areas in southern CA. Hope you are safe.

  2. Loriann Signori Says:

    Beautiful underpainting Marianne! Can’t wait to see what is next.

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