In the Zone

Following the Sun ©2006 Marianne Post, soft pastel on panel
private collection

I found myself revisiting a book authored by artist, Ian Roberts, Creative Authenticity. It addresses the difficulty that comes with the process of unfolding our voice as an artist. Creative Authenticity found its roots in a series of talks that Roberts gave in a small Canadian town library that was packed with artists, musicians, writers and others seeking to creatively express themselves. Sixteen chapters reveal  sixteen intertwined “principles”  that for Roberts are essential for authentic expression.

I flipped the pages to principle eleven, “Working Method:”

It’s painful to contemplate the number of paintings that don’t work, not just mine but also those in galleries and museums. Such failures may be adequately painted but they don’t sing. The paintings have left the studio but they aren’t happy…and for each of us there’s only one solution to this problem. We just have to make paintings and more paintings, and then for some reason all of a sudden we start to click…

The experience of the painting painting itself happens. We’re in the zone. After a month of starts and stops in the studio I long to get back in the groove. I feel rusty somehow and that lurking feeling can be treacherous. So this morning, I am headed to the studio with John Carlson in mind. He wrote, “confidence comes from experience.” I am in search of the zone!


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6 Responses to “In the Zone”

  1. Katherine Kean Says:

    It’s sobering to think of a lot of paintings in museums and galleries that don’t sing. Hhowever, Following the Sun looks like a zone painting to me! I love how the color transitions flow.

    • Marianne Post Says:

      Katherine, Robert’s comment about tuneless paintings was a bit disconcerting. But everyone sees things differently. Following the Sun is a painting I did a few years back, but in perusing my portfolio of images it lightened my heart, so I included it in the post.

  2. Loriann Signori Says:

    I sure understand what you mean about “the zone.” It is the true aim and only comes from constant painting. And yes, I agree there are many paintings that are in the museum that it is very easy to walk by and not really look. It’s easy to spot a diva.
    This is a beauty.. in a very different way. Looks Like you are experimenting! BRAVA!

  3. Sally Chupick Says:

    That zone of creativity is like a deep meditation for me. I love it, and feel so centred after being there. Following the Sun is a gorgeous painting, just takes my breath away.

  4. Goldenpear Says:

    This painting is so incredibly lovely!

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