Storm Runoff

Storm Runoff, 9 x 12″ soft pastel on Wallis paper
2010 Marianne Post

Completed in the studio over a watercolor underpainting. I couldn’t decide whether to leave the telephone poles in or out, Decided on keeping them since I liked how the shadow of the nearest pole acted as another path for the eye to follow.


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3 Responses to “Storm Runoff”

  1. Katherine Kean Says:

    The poles are interesting. I think this painting would work with or without them. I like it with and love the color transitions from pink to gray to violet to blue alternating with the greens and how this moves us through the painting.

  2. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    I think I like them in but I agree that the painting would look fine either way. They add nice contrast to the horizontal elements and the shadows are nice. Very nice painting.

    • Marianne Post Says:

      Linda, I think just for the fun of it I will take the image into Photoshop and eliminate the poles, just to see. And Katherine I am borrowing your idea using this technique.

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