Wetlands Revisited

work in progress, pastel on Pastelmat

Last Fall I painted along the Consumnes River. Upon scoping the area for a vantage point to paint, the fog lurked over the wetlands. And just about the time that I set up my easel, the sun strained to break through the veil of mist. The atmospheric condition mother nature presented was awesome. How fortunate to be an artist and witness the beauty that surrounds us.

This morning the fog hung over the hills in Vacaville and it reminded me of that time in November. Serendipitously while packing the studio today I came across some Pastelmat peach colored paper. I had to put a halt to packing and from memory relive that glorious November moment.

Since a lot of my supplies are either packed or stashed some place that I can’t put my finger on them I used  technique that I haven’t done in awhile. In thirty minutes I blocked in the masses,  just enough to capture the feel. Then taking a paper towel I smeared the surface to give the “underpainting” a gauzy feel. A few more minutes and a few more marks is where I left off. Still more to do, but working from memory is challenging (there’s that word again!) and invigorating. Reality  and the clock reminded me that boxes were waiting to be filled. I’v made a deal with myself. SIx more boxes than I can paint. Is that yet another “challenge?”


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3 Responses to “Wetlands Revisited”

  1. Sally Chupick Says:

    o Marianne, this one is a beauty. I just love this kind of subject…sunlight spilling across the wetlands…magnificent. I like the way you’ve handled it, and yes isn’t it a ball working from memory. feels like being young again, yes?

  2. Loriann Signori Says:

    Beautiful beginning. Can’t wait to see more. What do you think of Pastelmat.? I have mixed feelings. Good luck packing.

    • Marianne Post Says:

      Thanks, Loriann:
      A mark on Pastelmat seems to be just that a mark. It doesn’t respond like Wallis or other sanded surfaces into being coaxed a bit. But on the other hand I am always trying to be more deliberate with my strokes so it becomes the teacher. I do like that it responds to wet media without mounting, a real plus when inspiration strikes.

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