Look Familiar, I Don’t Think So!

Red Poppies, soft pastel on panel
© 2009 Marianne Post

You often hear artist’s say that they enjoy the creativity of making the ordinary extraordinary. I like to describe my artistic journey as making the familiar, unfamiliar. That is, painting everyday things with a twist; opening the eyes of those who view my painting so they see things in a new way. Lately I have been revisiting former subjects seeing them with fresh eyes myself. Red Poppies is similar to a painting I sold about three years ago. And while it is a familiar subject, this time around instead of focusing on the nuances of their colors I really enjoyed capturing the way they dance in the breeze. A carefree feeling of airiness and dance is what I am after here. Hope you feel it too!


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7 Responses to “Look Familiar, I Don’t Think So!”

  1. Loriann Signori Says:

    It’s amazing to me that you can make a painting feel so atmospheric and have it be a foreground painting. Beautiful.

    • Marianne Post Says:

      Loriann: Thank you! Hope you are staying somewhat warm over there on the east coast. We have intermittent days of glorious sunshine and torrents of rain. Guess they balance each other out and we learn to appreciate both for what they are.

  2. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    I see the movement and feel the breeze when looking at this painting. Excellent job with color, rhythm and balance. Also an excellent approach to learn and challenge ourselves.

  3. Krista Meister Says:

    Oh, yes, I definitely feel the movement and the breeze in this painting! Makes me long for spring again.

  4. Krista Meister Says:

    Haha, I just realized that I said almost exactly what Linda said above. Funny. I don’t read other people’s comments until I’ve made my own so as to not “put words in my mouth”, but cute that we both said the same thing!

    • Marianne Post Says:

      Krista: I think at this point we all have our sights on Spring. It has been a dreary wet winter here. But we need the rain and more rain means the hills will stay greener longer here in California.

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