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Tools of the Trade

March 11, 2010

Escrow has closed and what I have called home and my studio for 27 years now belongs to someone else. The move is on. We have two months to vacate and I am not sure whether that is a blessing or a curse. Purging closets and shelves, selling furniture, sorting, organizing, cleaning and packing fill the agenda. And as soon as something gets boxed and labeled, I realize that I will have at least two months if not a year before I will see this stuff again. We are moving into a rental while our new home is under construction.

So I have finally decided that this will be my last post for the next couple of months. My energy has been redirected from my everyday normal life as an artist to a relocation specialist. To all of you who have followed my story up ’til now thanks for coming along for the ride. When the dust settles, and life resumes in the Pacific Northwest I’ll be back. Right now, with packing tape dispenser in hand I’m off to fill more boxes.


Imagine Paris Without a Suitcase

March 8, 2010

If you could beam me up, I would go anywhere. But the thought of packing and living out of a suitcase is not on my top 10 things I want to do before I die list. Sketchers and artists now have the opportunity to experience far away places in the comfort of their own studios. Check out Laure Ferlita’s virtual travel experiences and sketch your way around the world. A fun idea!

An Artist with a Suitcase

March 4, 2010

Writer, traveller, creative coach, Cynthia Morris recently started a new blog, Original Impulse, dedicated to life as a creative adventure. Having just come back from what was primarily a business trip, I was reminded by Cynthia’s latest post that to travel as an artist brings its own unique experience to a trip. Having been a designer/illustrator/artist for most of my professional life inspiration is to be found everywhere we go. Being aware of textures, patterns, the play of light, the clothes people wear, the way food is presented on a plate are all fodder for creative expression and inspiration. Take a look at Cynthia’s blog to awaken the creative experience in your next trip.

And for bloggers she has a free download, What to Write, a guide to generating ideas for topics so you are never for a loss of words. Check it out.

Broken Mirrors

March 1, 2010

What do broken mirrors and plein air umbrellas have in common? I’ll explain. But first let me say I am not superstitious. Over the past two weeks I have broken two mirrors. For those who believe in bad karma associated with such a happening you might think I am headed for a double dose of bad luck. And on my way into town the other day a black cat darted out in front of my car. The cat made it across the road safely but was this yet another sign? Literally, lucky for me I just read that black cats are a sign of good luck. So not to worry.

While cleaning up the studio on Saturday, I can across a plethora of plein air umbrellas. It seems like in the quest for the perfect plein setup I have acquired more than my share of these things. A white one, a gray one, a vented one, a large one, a small one.  Some are stand alone models, some attachable. So to purge my stash I opened and closed each to see which one would be the keeper, and which would be relegated to the giveaway pile. And then a thought crossed my mind: should I be doing this inside? I reminded myself I am not superstitious.

On Sunday I caught up with my husband in Oregon. And when we got to our room I couldn’t help but notice the number on the door, 313. So is someone really trying to tell me something or is this just all a coincidence not worth concern?

But the real question I have for you is this. Has anyone found the perfect plein air umbrella?