An Artist with a Suitcase

Writer, traveller, creative coach, Cynthia Morris recently started a new blog, Original Impulse, dedicated to life as a creative adventure. Having just come back from what was primarily a business trip, I was reminded by Cynthia’s latest post that to travel as an artist brings its own unique experience to a trip. Having been a designer/illustrator/artist for most of my professional life inspiration is to be found everywhere we go. Being aware of textures, patterns, the play of light, the clothes people wear, the way food is presented on a plate are all fodder for creative expression and inspiration. Take a look at Cynthia’s blog to awaken the creative experience in your next trip.

And for bloggers she has a free download, What to Write, a guide to generating ideas for topics so you are never for a loss of words. Check it out.


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4 Responses to “An Artist with a Suitcase”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    Thanks Marianne, for mentioning me and my blog! I love the photo of your easel with your suitcase.
    I’ve actually been blogging at since 2005! I started blogging there and added the Journey Juju blog in 2008.
    I’m glad to see you blogging and having fun with it!
    Thanks for spreading the word about my free course; it is my mission to help people write more easily and I hope the course helps.

  2. Lorna Sheveland Says:

    I, too, love Cynthia’s blog and plan to refer to it often when my new web/blog is up and running. She has great ideas and her energy just bounces off her pages.

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