From Sketch to the Studio

In keeping with my daily sketch challenge I ventured out (the sun was shining) and found a grove of trees that danced amongst the sunlight and shadows. So I settled in and spent about 30 minutes capturing the play of light and shadow. I haven’t posted a “work in progress” (wip) painting in awhile so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show how I approach a painting.

This is the 30 minute on location sketch.

Back in my studio I did a drawing on 12 x 16″ mounted Wallis sanded paper. I usually don’t do such a detailed sketch but I just got caught up in the moment and went with the flow. Since I had so much graphite on the surface I sprayed it with Perlafix fixative. I also hoped with the use of the fixative that some of the drawing would survive the next step, the watercolor underpainting.

Watercolor underpainting.

And after about fours hours into the painting with soft pastels this is where I left off. Obviously still lots to resolve but I like the direction this is going.


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7 Responses to “From Sketch to the Studio”

  1. mariela Says:

    I like the prosedure and thank you to let us see it!!

  2. Maggie Latham Says:

    So glad you wrote about the isolation layer on wallis before adding watercolour….this is where I have gone wrong before. what kind of pencils were you using for the Wallis sketch? I love the light in the initial sketch from outside, and the subtle hues going on in the painting so far. Can’t wait to see the finished painting.

    • Marianne Post Says:

      Maggie: In my sketchbook I used just a 6B pencil. I find that this gives me enough variability with values. Once on the wallis paper though I use a 2B. Anything softer seems to lay down too much graphite. After my drawing on the paper was done I used a paper towel to gently brush any excess, loose graphite off. Then I sprayed it with the Perfix. I use a synthetic bristle brush to apply the watercolor. It stands up to the sanded surface. The drawing held to sone degree. I was leery of spraying too much fixative, since I am still a bit unfamiliar with how the watercolor would react to it. I think some more studio testing is in order just to see how much fixtive I can use. I also thought about using thin oil washes as an underpainting on this piece. But my watercolors were handy and I was anxious to get going.

  3. Katherine Kean Says:

    Beautiful! I like getting to see your process.

    It’s fun too to see how your new locale might affect your work.

  4. Monica Says:

    I really like the initial sketch in pencil. Interesting mediums combination.

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