In the Gardens

Halo in Peach, 9×12 pastel on LaCarte Sanded Paper
2012 Marianne Post

Last Wednesday, Vista and Vineyards, our local plein air group, met at Schreiner’s Iris Farm near Salem, OR. Talk about sensory overload. The day was spectacular… the sky clear, the birds singing, the flowers overwhelming. I set up in one of the demonstration gardens and made a stab of painting just a flower or two. What a challenge when everything in the garden begs to be captured. A delightful aside are the names of each variety. From Act of Kindness to Zip it Up there are some clever, thoughtful and humorous monikers. Halo in Peach crabbed my attention and became my subject for the day. Once again I tried using a toned surface, this time a blue-gray LaCarte sanded paper. It looks like this year my plein air outings are experiments in different surfaces and techniques just to mix things up a bit.

I just started reading Richard Schmid’s Alla Prima, Everything I know About Painting. In the opening pages he writes, “Don’t be afraid to learn…Profit from your failed paintings.” So trying something new, not expecting to create a masterpiece is liberating. Have you tried something new in your own work?


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4 Responses to “In the Gardens”

  1. Lorna Sheveland Says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for modeling so well risk taking…..yes, we do learn from our failures!

    • Marianne Post Says:

      Lorna, Schmid goes on to say that failures are invitations to learn more, almost like a dare. He not only is a master at his craft of painting, but he has such great insight and is so articulate in expressing the essence of his thoughts and experience.

  2. Shelley Whiting Says:

    I love the light and the shadows and reflections in this picture. It is exquisite and beautifully executed.

    • Marianne Post Says:

      Thank you Shelly for stopping by and chiming in on this post and this painting. Florals are not usually a subject that I gravitate to , but the light on these flowers made me stop in my tracks and set up my easel.

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