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So Far

September 18, 2012

This past week I finally had a chance to revisit “starts” from  my five day Richard McKinley workshop in Bend. This was my first experience attending an Art in the Mountains event. Boy, does Tracy Culbertson, workshop coordinator, have the venue of all venues. The Cascades and downtown Bend are a mecca for inspiration. Coupled with a stellar instructor, and companionship of a fellow artist from California it was five days of instruction, beauty, discussion, and determination to go the next mile.

thumbnails of Sparks Lake

Thumbnails of major shapes, value map and notan design

As a plein air painter, the grandeur of the vista can be overwhelming. Having spent hours in the field, I would like to think I am comfortable in the wilds. But the reality is that I still try to depict the scene as I see it. Finally I was given permission to not only move a tree or a mountain but to capture the sencse of place without being wed to the what’s in front of me. In fact.I got to the point afer five days, to turn my easel away from the scene and paint from memory. What a liberating concept!

It all started with some thumbnails to define the shapes, value plan and composition. Then a quick field study, in this case a small 4×6 supplied me with color notes. Now back in the studio, I did a watercolor underpainting, referring to my field notes. After a day in the studio here is where I am so far. And it feels good!

Watercolor underpainting of Sparks LakeWatercolor underpainting

Work in Progress, Sparks LakeWork in progress, 16×20, pastel on panel


Hanging Around

September 4, 2012

Kate McGee and Marianne Post

Kate McGee and myself helping to hang “Color Blast”

Yesterday, fellow Purely Pastel Artists hung our upcoming show at Emerald Art Center‘s  Jaqua Gallery, “Color Blast.”. It never ceases to amaze me how versatile the pastel medium is. All six artists, Gladys Bacon, Anna Horrigan, Joy Descoteaux, Germain Hammon, Kate McGee and myself brought five pre-selected works to hang. All so different, and yet the show has a nice cohesive look. The artist reception is September 14th, 5-7pm in conjunction with the Springfield Art Walk held the second Friday of the month. Hope you can come.

Postcard Announcement for Color Blast Pastel Exhibit