Bowl Me Over

day630 in 30 challenge, day 6

This challenge of painting in a relatively new medium with a totally new tool, a palette knife is a real learning experience. Some things you would think are so obvious that everyone knows it but you. For instance the paint you have on the bottom of your palette knife is what ends up on your painting. The problem is you really only see the top of the knife until its too late. What you stroke onto your painting isn’t anything like you thought it would be. So I learned to mix my color, check the bottom of the knife before boldly swiping the paint onto the canvas.

But on the flip side another thing I never really thought about is how transparent paints inherently recede and opaque colors come forward. I guess working with soft pastels, an opaque medium, that I never really saw it that way. But I do think this is a lesson that can be implemented in my pastel work. Especially since I use a watercolor underpainting for most of my “starts’ I can use its transparent qualities for those areas I want to recede and come back with my pastels to create dimension with its opaqueness. Bowl me over, this is worth further exploration!



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