Wide Open

day930 in 30 challenge, day 9

Right now I yearn for some wide open space in my studio. After eight days of oil painting I have found myself in a predicament I haven’t experienced before. What does one do with eight wet oil paintings (any ideas, oil painters out there??). Though they are all small paintings, they still need their own dedicated resting place to dry. They are probably not worth keeping in their own right, but someday I hope to look back on them and see how far I’ve come. So while I am searching for some open flat space, today’s painting is a pastel that I can cover with a sheet of glassine and call it a day.


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3 Responses to “Wide Open”

  1. Stephanie Benedict Says:

    Here’s an idea I got from another artists: an inexpensive dish drying rack. I put smaller oil paintings (on panel or board) into the rack, as if they were plates, to dry. Works great!

  2. Secrets of Storing Wet Oil Paintings « Stephanie Benedict's Blog Says:

    […] recent post by Marianne Post (who is primarily a pastel painter) asked “where do oil painters store wet paintings?” This is a […]

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