Ever Hopeful

day1030 in 30 challenge, day 10

The skies are a mix of blue and gray, the ground is a bit soggy.  My vase of daisies attempts to defy the characteristics of the season and whispers “SPRING.” Those who are in the business of predicting the weather call for below freezing temperatures tonight. Hope the daisies beat them at their own game.

Speaking of hope, I am filled with optimism. We have a saying in my family, “Equipment makes the athlete.” It is always said in jest, when someones off their game. Naturally, a poor showing is the fault of “inferior” equipment. Actually it is just an excuse to buy the next best _________ (fill in the blank). My order of new, improved palette knives just arrived and of course it brings with it the promise of artistic adeptness at painting in oils with a palette knife. Right?

Ironically, Clint Watson writes today about his ambitions as a kid to play the guitar like Eddie Van Halen. All he needed was a guitar like Eddie had. Wonder if Clint is a distant relative? Hmmmmm. Check out Clint’s post to find where the real magic of accomplishment lies.


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