Pick One

day2630 in 30 challenge, day 26

My studio is clean and it feels good to have some order back into the scheme of things. After a day of sorting, purging, and coaxing things back into their usual places, the chaos was tamed back into submission. The added bonus of my cleaning frenzy was being surprised about the things I unearthed while I was sorting through the piles and layers of stuff.

I came across books about floor cloths. I always thought that would be cool, creative covering for my studio floor. I found sketches of Frank Llyod Wright designs I was going to use for inspiration in creating one. I also came across a Richard Schmid video I had never watched, I guess in preparation for working in oils.

There were a few books of Haiku. I always found them a source for painting titles. Among my stash there were also books on perspective and architectural renderings. These were probably left over from my design classes at the Art Academy University in San Francisco. There was a tub of gesso acting as a still life stand under a cloth I was using for my painting set ups. I had been looking all over for that.

I have an affinity for paper. I came across a portfolio of my handmade papers. While working in the design industry for years, I acquired boxes of paper samples from mills that sadly have gone out of business. I remembering touring the mills and seeing how the papers were made. The whole process intrigued me. Then I made my own, dyed and hand colored them and used them in collage pieces.

I have a box of acrylic paints I must have used for something, sometime. I found calligraphy pens, technical pens, bottles of inks, and dozens of sketchbooks.

I guess I have a bit of lots! But if I had to pick one thing I would never abandon it would be my boxes, drawers, cabinets of pastels.

Does your attention drift from one creative pursuit to another? Do you find yourself torn between mediums? If you had to “pick one,” what would it be?


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3 Responses to “Pick One”

  1. patpaints43 Says:

    I do not like to be limited to one medium… although I tend to “specialize” in one for 12-15 years or so, then go on to another one for 10+ years. But even though I specialize, I still like to experiment with other media. My art profs all discouraged this tendency saying one should stick to one medium & even on subject matter and do that one WELL, not to dilute the learning by switching around to other interests. Since I’m not an “artist” in their terms, I don’t worry much about it. I doubt if I followed their advice I’d be any better as an artist than I am now.
    It’s my belief that we should each follow where our heart leads – with practicality not too distant, but not the determining factor.
    As to my present medium? Mixed media!!! 🙂

    • Marianne Post Says:

      Pat, your comment resonants with my gut feelings. As creative types I guess we just can’t ignore the allure of all different types of mediums and tools we have available to us. I had to smile at your present medium, guess its the perfect solution.

      • patpaints43 Says:

        It’s funny – I always thought mixed media & collage were just a waste of time/energy/supplies & creativity. Now, I know they are the perfect playmates for bringing creative juices to fruition. I love combining old/new; hard/soft; all sorts of opposites. My present work has not received the favor that either my watercolors or my fiberart have had. But that no longer matters. What matters to me is enjoying the process & saying with art things that are in my mind/heart/body/soul and that I have no other way of saying with eloquence.

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