Sun Kissed

day2730 in 30 challenge, day 27

After three weeks of unrelenting fog and cold we finally saw the sun this weekend. That doesn’t mean it didn’t rain. The weather, here in Oregon, is so different from California’s. It is so changeable. Lily, my whippet, and I went for a walk, as we do everyday, rain or shine, sometimes both. As we made our way back home, the sun was on our backs and we both stopped dead in our tracks to soak it up.

We took our time coming back home. The sun felt so nice. But I was excited to revisit a subject I had painted a number of years ago in pastel. It was a seed laden sunflower bowing under its weight with the sun was on it’s back. This morning,I dug through my reference file and found the old photo. This time I painted it in oil with a palette knife for my 30 in 30 challenge.

Did I mention its gray and raining again today?


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  1. Dixie Says:

    Good blog!

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