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Painting at the age of 4If you are like me, art is a passion. You love to visit galleries and studios, You love to see it on your walls. You explore its history, read about the artists of the past, and meet and mingle with those in the present. You are fascinated with what goes into creating art, the inspiration, the process and the materials. And you may even love to create it. Sound familiar?

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have an “art project” on the kitchen table or on an easel. Whether it was a paint by number set as a child, studying art and design in college, or working as a designer, illustrator, and art instructor the need to express my creative side has been a life long endeavor. Marry this with a fascination of the visual world, my creative path continues to be a lifelong journey of self discovery. There is plenty of room for passengers so I hope you come along for the ride.

I recently relocated to Oregon and the patterns of light found in large vistas as well as the endless color variations in intimate landscape subjects feed my fascination with nature. My expressive, juicy color comes from my primary use of soft pastels. Thought of in many circles as a drawing medium I will show you how pastel lends itself to a variety of applications. I love to share my painterly approach with collectors, other artists, students or just about anyone who expresses even the slightest interest.

We can so easily become blind to the incredible loveliness and consequence of ordinary things. And again, if you are like me, art is the window that allows us to see how generous nature really is. Join me on an art journey. It’s sure to kindle our fascination with everyday beauty. Let’s get going!


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