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Blown Away

July 2, 2013

catch-the-breezeOnce Upon A Breeze, 8 x 10, pastel on panel
©2013 Marianne Post

It’s all a blur, and I am still unwinding from a fantastic weekend in Cannon Beach. I joined fifty other artists who were on the streets or on the beach painting their impressions for the 5th Annual Plein Air and More event.

Friday evening the Cannon Beach Gallery Group and the Chamber hosted an exhibit and reception featuring the works of selected participated artists. It was fun to mingle with the artists, visitors and representatives from SouthwestArt magazine. Congratulations to the new owner of one of my featured paintings, Approaching Storm! 

Saturday the weather couldn’t have been better for plein air painting. I set up at the corner of 2nd and Spruce to capture a street scene while I could still see the street! By mid morning the sidewalks were packed with ice cream cone lickers and iced tea drinkers watching the artists and listening to their process.

2nd_and_spruce2nd and Spruce, 8 x 10, pastel on panel,
©2013 Marianne Post

By mid morning I moved across the street to the local kite store, Once Upon a Breeze, which happens to be the oldest kite store on the Oregon coast. It also is the most colorful shop on the street. The blue shingles and kaleidoscope colored buoys hanging from the eaves screamed, “Paint me.” By now the crowds were everywhere. I met so many interesting people. If you were one of them that stopped by to say hello and watch me paint it was my pleasure to share the experience with you.

At 2:30 I called it quits and headed back to my room to frame my paintings for the evening reception at Primary Elements Gallery. In my haste I had everything framed when I realized I hadn’t taken photos of the paintings. So the images I am posting are not the best. I but I think they capture the “spirit” of the piece.

Saturday evening the gallery hosted a lively reception. It was not only fun to once again talk with people I met throughout the day, but to also mingle with the other gallery artists and hear about their day and see the work they produced. The evening ended with a Raku firing on the beach at sunset. The organizers for the event thought of everything and sponsored an art filled weekend that would have blown anyone away. The event is always the last weekend in June, so if you haven’t had the opportunity to experience the Cannon Beach Plein and More event, add it on your 2014 calendar. I hope to see you there!


Cool Day and Hot Picks

May 16, 2013


Hot Picks, 8 x 10 pastel on panel, ©2013 Marianne Post

Yesterday was the first “official” plein air gathering of our local group of artists known as Vistas and Vineyards. About fifteen hardy souls braved the rain and ventured forth among the hydrangeas and the rhodies to paint the rioting color at Garland Nursery in Corvallis.

Talk about a morning of sensory overload,  the nursery is filled with garden starts, herbs, flowering shrubs and over 70 types of tomatoes! I found refuge in the begonia and fuschia “barn” and found a vantage point overlooking the lettuce starts. The flowers were dueling it out with the signs for one’s attention. My intent was to capture the cacophony of color and finish sooner than later. After weeks of weather in the eightes, the dampness seemed to really sink in its teeth.

Where’s Scotty When You Need Him?

May 1, 2013

We have all been there, wishing to be two places at the same time. Captain Kirk’s plea to be transported through space resounds through my head as the weekend approaches. Saturday at the American Art Company in Tacoma, Washington is opening of  the Northwest Pastel Society’s International Open Exhibition. I was honored to have River Rapture juried into the show by renown artist, Lorenzo Chavez. It is a privilege to share the limelight with some of the best in the pastel community.


River Rapture, 16 x 20, astel on panel, © 2013 Marianne Post

And Friday kicks off the Annual Cannon Beach Spring Unveiling event. Over a dozen galleries open their doors to throngs of visitors who descend on the village to see new work by each of the gallery’s artists. Great art, demonstrations, live music and terrific receptions continue throughout the weekend. I have been invited to do a pastel demo on Friday evening from 4-6pm and again Saturday morning from 10-11 at Primary Elements Gallery, located in the heart of town in Sandpiper Village.

Wish I could be both places at once, but my painting will have to represent me in Tacoma. If you happen to be on the Oregon coast this weekend hope you can make it to Cannon Beach. The weather promises to be a show stopper as well.

Just a Pile of Rocks

April 20, 2013


Somewhere in Between
pastel on paper, 9 x9,  ©Marianne Post 2013

Today’s sudio painting is from a field sketch and photo reference of a pile of rocks. But there’s more to the story.

This week I had the incredible opportunity to offer a workshop to a group of talented, professional artists. There is nothing more intimidating than having thirteen of my peers standing behind their easels poised to explore, paint and listen to what I had to share with them. Our subject was color, how to see and paint it.

In covering the basics I felt like I was preaching to the choir. But the setups I had prepared opened their eyes to the phenomenons of simultaneous contrast, the effects of variable light sources and the color of ambient light. We saw how even a few inches of space effects color, and that white can be as dark as black and green can really appear as red. We experienced that context is everything.

During our lunch break I shared with the group Beau Lotto’s TED presentation on how the mind perceives color. We wrapped up the day working with big color masses gradually broken down into color spots to create form and space.

The discussions and questions were the icing on the cake for me. We talked about finding beauty in the mundane, and how values and color can elevate the simplest of subjects into something to be admired. So with that in mind, today I just painted rocks.

Just a Few

February 1, 2013

PicMonkey Collage2some of my 30 in 30 challenge

On Leslie Saeta’s blog today she posted a tip on how to create a collage of images. Using the PicMonkey online collage creator was a snap. I just picked about half of my paintings since I had a variety of sizes and formats for my 30 in 30 challenge. It is a quick and easy way to make a jpg of a number of images. Check it out.

Sun Kissed

January 28, 2013

day2730 in 30 challenge, day 27

After three weeks of unrelenting fog and cold we finally saw the sun this weekend. That doesn’t mean it didn’t rain. The weather, here in Oregon, is so different from California’s. It is so changeable. Lily, my whippet, and I went for a walk, as we do everyday, rain or shine, sometimes both. As we made our way back home, the sun was on our backs and we both stopped dead in our tracks to soak it up.

We took our time coming back home. The sun felt so nice. But I was excited to revisit a subject I had painted a number of years ago in pastel. It was a seed laden sunflower bowing under its weight with the sun was on it’s back. This morning,I dug through my reference file and found the old photo. This time I painted it in oil with a palette knife for my 30 in 30 challenge.

Did I mention its gray and raining again today?

Egg Carton

January 15, 2013

day-1430 in 30 challenge, day 14

Todays challenge was all about plane changes and value changes, not to mention the ongoing challenge of painting with a palette knife. I could have spent hours on my egg carton studying the relationship between the planes, values and colors. But I reminded myself of Charles Hawthorne‘s suggestion,”Realize the value of putting down your first impression quickly.”


Repeat Performances

January 9, 2013

day830 in 30 challenge, day 8

Over the holidays a dear friend gifted us with a jam of homemade raspberry jam. She knew raspberries  are my favorite berry. Yesterday I emptied the vases of flowers that adorned our New Years morning table and there were a few whose time had not yet passed. So a left over jam jar and flowers became todays subject. After eight days of oi paint and a palette knife I don’t know if I am making progress, but the journey is still fun.

A Not so White Bowl

January 6, 2013

day530 in 30 challenge, day 5

Once again I thought this would be an easy study of reflected light. The nuances of my primary colors surrounding the white bowl was like a makeshift light show. Color everywhere, mixing itself. Now to figure out how to mix it on my palette!


Not What They Are Cracked Up to Be

January 5, 2013

day430 in 30, day 4

What can I say, I thought they would be simple enough to do, but my eggshells posed a real challenge. Back to the studio tomorrow to flay around with my palette knife. Maybe I should invest in some ginsu knives instead. But wait…